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Collaboration, Authenticity, Connection, Integrity, & Honesty


My practice is collaborative, relational, person-centred, and ethical. I will work with you to identify and develop skills and strategies to navigate challenges in your life. We will cultivate your strengths to build resilience; increase your capacity to be present in your life; bolster your sense of vitality; and, promote effective action and engagement in your life. My intention is to work with you to be thoughtful and curious; to expand your self-compassion and understanding, to clarify what you value and care about, and to help you live in the world with authenticity, honesty, and integrity.

A good fit between client and counsellor is crucial to effective therapy. Please, take the time to find a counsellor with whom you think you could build an open, respectful, and strong working relationship.  For this reason, I offer a free initial 10 minute phone or video consultation.

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