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For young adults, adults, and older adults.


Examine and explore

Join me in one-to-one sessions where you can explore and attend to personal, relational, and existential issues. We will work together to identify symptoms and build management skills. We will explore where and how overwhelm, old patterns, and emotional suffering show up in your life. In our sessions, we can work towards developing new understandings, identifying different possibilities, and creating opportunities for change. Common issues include: alcohol/substance use, trauma, family of origin dynamics, lack of meaning and purpose, chronic low mood, anxiety, feeling stuck.


For self or affected-others

I practice transition-neutral and agenda-free exploratory therapy to individuals struggling with gender dysphoria and to affected-others (family members and friends) whose lives have been impacted by a loved one's gender-related distress.

I respectfully welcome desisters, detransitioners, re-identifiers, and post-trans folks.

Gender exploratory therapy may be helpful to you if you are:

  • Questioning your gender identity.

  • Exploring your sexual orientation.

  • An affected-other who is being affected by a loved one's gender-related distress.

  • Working to accept same-sex or bisexual attraction, natural gender non-conformity, and/or cross-sex identification, as part of the process of developing an integrated self identity.

  • Experiencing gender dysphoria: sexed-body and/or gender roles/expectations. 

  • Struggling with body dysmorphia.

  • Considering transition or are in the process of transitioning.

  • Struggling with unresolved trauma(s) that may be contributing to gender dysphoria, such as: internalised homophobia, internalised misogyny, significant losses, early attachment ruptures, childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault, sex-based violence.

  • Experiencing complications related to transition (medical/social/emotional) and seeking support around those complications.

  • Struggling with transition regret.

We will thoughtfully, and with curiosity, examine your experience of gender dysphoria and explore available treatment options. You may find that careful consideration and exploration of your gender dysphoria within the broader social and personal contexts of your life leads to an organic resolution of your gender dysphoria, or to non-invasive management strategies. Or you may find that non-invasive management options for your gender dysphoria are insufficient; and, therefore, you may want to explore medical and/or surgical interventions with an appropriate practitioner(s) or clinic.

Exploring your experiences of gender dysphoria, i.e., its history, how and when it shows up, and its possible causes, will equip you with a deeper understanding of yourself, your history, your present, and hopes for your future; all of which will serve you well in life no matter which treatment options you choose regarding gender dysphoria. In our work together, your decision to transition, to not transition, or to desist or detransition is your choice to make.


For self or affected-others

Counselling with a focus on substance use issues. We may discuss concerns about your alcohol or substance use, or that of a loved one. Together we look at the impact of current usage; options for change; and, build the skills, strategies, and resources to support your identified goals.  Renegotiating usage patterns may include harm reduction, moderation management, or complete abstinence.

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