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Michelle Mackness

Counselling Therapist and  Registered Clinical Counsellor

I have worked in the helping profession for over two decades. I have been in clinical practice since 2014.

My approach to counselling is collaborative and it relies on a strong working alliance between clients and myself. The first task of therapy will be for the client and me to come to a shared understanding of why they have chosen to attend therapy. Finding a shared understanding of what has brought the client to therapy can take 10 minutes of the first session or all of the first three sessions; there is no set time. For therapy to be effective, it is crucial that the client and I take the time to get a clear picture of what is going on with them; this shared picture will focus our work in sessions.

I am committed to working with clients to decrease their emotional suffering and increase their sense of well-being within their relational contexts and existential limitations. I am passionate about working with clients to broaden their awareness, deepen their self-knowledge, implement meaningful change, enrich their relationships, build trust in their abilities to manage life’s inevitable storms, and to increase their capacity to appreciate and savour life’s gifts.

I welcome all members of LGBT/TS/Q2S+ populations, including desisters, detransitioners, and post-trans folks.