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Compassionate therapist committed to helping you create meaningful change within your relational contexts and existential limitations.

Exploratory therapy

Welcome. Typically, when someone makes the decision to seek therapy it's because they've been struggling for a long while, feel stuck, and don't know what to do or how to move forward; it's a hard place to be. I get it. And, I'm glad you have made it to my page. Therapy can transformational; I invite you have hope.

I work holistically and have a pluralistic practice. I offer individual counselling, gender exploratory therapy, and addictions support. I invite you to explore the other pages of my website to learn more about my practice and me.  

My approach to counselling is collaborative and relies on us creating a strong working alliance. Typically, our first (few) session(s) will focus on you telling me why you are seeking therapy (what is wrong and your understanding of things got to this point); how you are hoping therapy will help you; and, why you have chosen to reach out now. This process will allow us to made an informed decision about whether or not therapy may be helpful to you. And, if we move forward in therapy, then this shared understanding of what’s brought you to seek counselling will help us determine the purpose of our therapeutic work and the methods we will use. 

I am honoured to engage with individuals in the deep and sensitive work of therapy.  My hope is to support you in broadening your awareness, deepening your self-knowledge, implementing meaningful change, enriching your relationships, building trust in your abilities to manage life’s inevitable storms, and to increase your capacity to appreciate and savour life’s gifts.

I am LGBT friendly, including gender questioning folks, detransitioners, and those experiencing complications related to their transition. 

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